Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) or “Drones”

The Digital Ring can help you with Aerial Photography and Cinematography anywhere in the United States.

We’re Experts

We don’t just fly for fun, although it sure is fun to fly!  Our team of experts are skilled in the use and control of our Drones.  Our pilots have hundreds of hours of flight time and undergo a rigorous process of flight simulation and real, non-simulated flights.

Our Fleet

We have a variety of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles that we use for aerial photography and cinematography.  Some of our drones shoot 4K video, very high quality photos (including RAW formats), and can even fly indoors using the latest in indoor stability technology.

The Process

Prior to any flight, we do a site-survey to ensure that the flight location is safe-to-fly.  We’ll identify the area we are flying in to ensure we identify any potential obstacles we may encounter during the actual flight.

The day of the flight, we’ll arrive with at least two pilots.  We require two pilots so that one can continuously watch the UAV while the other is looking ahead in the flight path for any unknown obstacles that may enter.  (Yes, sometimes birds like to chase our drones!)

Prior to takeoff, the Pilot will walk through a safety checklist and work with air traffic control to notify them of the flight.  Once cleared, we’ll begin the flight and gather photos and video to be edited later.

Our Latest Project